have fun rafting with friends

have fun rafting with friends

post by admin on Dec 27,2015 04:19:55

rafting on river elo magelang, We would raft a total about 12 kilometers, very exciting and relaxing after a week jobs, even though it had been Out of breath and with burning arms after rafting. we have fun and laughing together.

Yelling over the sound of the rushing river, wait a bit and see the raft would get thrown out by the strong heaves of the waves. After one or two minutes, each of us quite shaken and often barely hanging on to the raft.

The rest of the river drifted by fast with the adrenalin and euphoria of the keeper-hole very present in our minds. We caught up with the paddle,swam along the raft during quiet parts of the river, and quickly it was time to make a landing where guide waited for us with the raft. we chatted excitedly about each of our favorite parts of the river - in the end, everybody had his own view of how he vanquished the river.but nobody could forget that the river also came close to beating us.

thanks to all team.


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