have fun rafting with friends

post by admin on Dec 27,2015 04:19:55

rafting on river elo magelang, We would raft a total about 12 kilometers, very exciting and relaxing after a week jobs, even though it had been Out of breath and with burning arms after rafting. we have fun and laughing together.

Yelling over the sound of the rushing river, wait a bit and see t ...

customizing adempiere

post by admin on Dec 09,2015 16:22:37

Implemantation for manufacturing fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds located in central java

with all warehouses in sragen, jakarta, semarang, medan and others.

implementation for module sales, accounting, finance, material management, purchasing, production, distribution order and other ...

implementation erp mm

post by user on Dec 09,2015 17:59:28

One of ERP application used for administration process PR (purchase request), PO (purchase order), RFQ (request for quotation), Delivery Note, GR (goods receive) and GI (goods issue).

benefit using ERP MM for company :

integration process PR, PO, RFQ, DN, GR, GI

integration materi ...

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