implementasi paktanifamily


implementation paktanifamly using customize adempiere, implemented around java, such as Banyuwangi, Kediri, Nganjuk, Kendal, Pati, Kudus, Weleri, Bantul, Muntilan, Wonosobo, Brebes, and Indramayu.

Inside application included menu Sales, Purchasing , Receiving , Return of Goods , Stock , Send Email , Moving Warehouse, and others.

Customized for connected to another server adempiere with dblink function inside postgresql

go live on june 2015

customize adempiere

Implemantation for manufacturing fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds located in central java

with all warehouses in sragen, jakarta, semarang, medan and others.

implementation for module sales, accounting, finance, material management, purchasing, production, distribution order and other else.

go live sinch january 2014

Realtime and Online Historical Sales, Procurement, Production, Material Management, Accounting, Finance

Realtime and Online Sales, Procurement, Production, Material Management, Accounting, Finance

Easily Tracking Sales, Procurement, Production, Material Management, Accounting, Finance ...

sim rs

System Information Hospital

implemantation in one of goverment hospital

Having design, customizing, and implementation in ERP For Hospitaly (build ERP from source code, create Report, modification in source code using ASP.Net, Modification Function in database SQL Server, Integration Crystal Report with ASP Net).

features inside application:

admission outpatien

admission inpatien

logistic and pharmacy

doctor and employee

bed manajemen

accounting and finance

patient medical records

implementation sap pm

Implementation SAP PM

implemented for corrective dan preventive maintainence

Realtime and Online Historical Equipment

Realtime and Online Maintainance Activites

Easily Tracking Breake Down Maintainance

Good Integration with materials For receiving the material for The Maintenance activities from stores

Easily Maintain the equipment / Location BOM in the system at any point Of time

Easy Tracking Of Malfunctioning, Breake Down and Process Down Maintainance activities

implementation sap wm

Implementation SAP WM

Easy and able to record GR, GI, Stock, and Movement Type of Paper Roll Data, including historical data

Reporting Structure and Support automate workflow management WM Paper Roll by accessing the reporting structure

Improved Warehouse Logistic through efficiency and effective business process and reduce manual work , and easy traceable ,seachable and better filling management for Company

Improved Warehouse Logistic through efficiency and effective with Barcode Scanner To GR and GI for Barcode Paper Roll

implementation sap srm

Implementation SAP SRM

Integration of all suppliers in procurement process

Hosted order processing system for suppliers (Supplier Enablement)

Shopping Cart and Order management

Leverage of existing SAP services through tight integration with existing SAP backend systems

Demand aggregation, Order management

implementation sap hr

Implementation SAP HR

implemeted in one of branch company located in central java, manufacturing in paper carton box.

Implementing The SAP-enable ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution to develop business capabilities for Company :

Integrated Employee Data Master (EDM) associated with employee reqruitment, employee position, level, and education

Integrated Organization Management (OM)

Integrated Time Management (TM) associated with attendance, leave, and overtime

implementation sap sd

Implementation SAP SD

Implementing The SAP-enable ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution to develop business capabilities for Company.

Integrated Sales and Distribution Management (Sales order processing, Delivery, Customer, Billing)

Integrated Inventory Management.

Integrated Production Planning Management.

Link the existing SAP Finance and Accounting Management capabilities (A/R collections, reconciliation, period-end activities, report generation, profitability, cost analysis, etc)

implementation erp mm

One of ERP application used for administration process PR (purchase request), PO (purchase order), RFQ (request for quotation), Delivery Note, GR (goods receive) and GI (goods issue).

benefit using ERP MM for company :

integration process PR, PO, RFQ, DN, GR, GI

integration material stock with GR and GI

integration material stock with PR, so can be known outstanding PR

Implementation ERP MM On Asia Pasific Fibers ...